The Best Portabello Pizza and Brazzers

Last weekend I was at my buddy’s house and we were watching the UFC fight with a bunch of his college buddies. It was a pretty fun time. Since our wives were out of town we were wanting to go out and have some fun after the fight, but a lot of the guys had to head home, or didn’t have the money to grab a drink.

The ones that stayed decided to breakout a game of cards. I asked Ben if we could order a pizza, so we had the delivery guy pickup our favorite portabello pizza.

As the night drew-on, Ben’s buddy John took it upon himself to turn off the satellite radio and turn on some porn. Heck, I’m just like any other guy… I had to watch a few scenes between eating my pizza and playing my poker hand.

I asked John what porn company production we were watching, and of course, it was Brazzers. I knew it was them just based off their production style. We all had a good laugh since I was able to recognize a production company based on the scene.

I ended up explaining how easy it is to sometimes tell based off of the directing. I went on to explain that Michael Mann movies all have the same feel to them. They’re all shot in LA. Just look at Heat and Collateral. The same lighting is used in those two movies.

Long story short, we had a pretty good evening hanging out without our wives. If anyone is interested in getting the best Brazzers savingsĀ on the internet, I have it here.

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